Which planet may have helium rain in its interior, and what does this rain do?

Which Jovian planet should have the most extreme seasonal changes?


Why do astronomers believe that Triton is a captured moon?

Scientists think Triton is a Kuiper Belt Object captured by Neptune’s gravity millions of years ago. It shares many similarities with Pluto, the best known world of the Kuiper Belt. Like our own moon , Triton is locked in synchronous rotation with Neptune―one side faces the planet at all times.

Why do the Jovian planet interiors differ quizlet?

Why do the jovian planet interiors differ ? Accretion took longer further from the Sun, so the more distant planets formed their cores later and captured less gas from the solar nebula than the closer jovian planets . Different layers represent clouds made of gases that condense at different temperatures.

Why do astronomers think Miranda has such an unusual surface quizlet?

Why do astronomers think Miranda has such an unusual surface ? It underwent an episode of tidal heating in the past. Uranus continues to generate internal heat through gravitational contraction. Some of the moons of the jovian planets have significant atmospheres.

What planet has no seasons?


Which planet has the most extreme seasons?


Which planet has a ring around it?


Which Jovian planets in our solar system have rings?

All four Jovian planets have rings: Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , and Neptune . These rings are made up of rock, dust, and ice particles that form a ring

Which Moon has the most substantial atmosphere?


What causes synchronous rotation?

Synchronous rotation is a natural consequence of tidal friction. The Moon has tidal bulges similar to those on Earth. The friction created by the stretching and squeezing of the Moon caused the Moon’s rate of rotation to slow down until its rotational period was the same as its orbital period.

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Which of the following planets has the least substantial atmosphere?


How does Jupiter generates its internal heat?

Jupiter creates a lot of internal heat and releases this heat by emitting thermal radiation. In fact, Jupiter creates so much internal heat that it emits almost twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun. Uranus is the only jovian planet not emitting excess internal energy .

What is the Cassini division of Saturn’s rings?

ring system of Saturn …the A ring , by the Cassini division , the most prominent gap in the major rings . Lying between 1.95 and 2.02 Saturn radii and not devoid of particles, the Cassini division exhibits complicated variations in optical depth, with an average value of 0.1.

Where is Jupiter’s strong magnetic field generated?

Jupiter’s internal magnetic field is generated by electrical currents in the planet’s outer core, which is composed of liquid metallic hydrogen. Volcanic eruptions on Jupiter’s moon Io eject large amounts of sulfur dioxide gas into space, forming a large torus around the planet.

Why does the plasma tail of a comet always point away from the sun?

Because sunlight and solar wind always flow outward from our Sun’s surface, the tails always point away from our Sun no matter what direction the comet is moving in its orbit. This means that the tails can be in front of the comet as the comet moves away from our Sun on its return to the outer part of its orbit.

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