Which instrument is used to examine the interior of the eye?

What is the name of the lighted instrument used to examine the interior of the eye?


Which instrument is used to visually examine a joint?


What instrument is used to withdraw fluids from cavities?


Which procedure is the surgical puncture of a joint to remove fluid?

Drugs act by lowering raised body temperature, but do not affect normal body temp. A surgical puncture of the joint space to remove synovial fluid for analysis to determine the cause of pain or swelling in a joint. listening for sounds within the body and is usually performed through a stethescope.

What are the three parts of a complete patient examination?

What are the three parts of a complete patient examination ? Health history, the physical examination , and laboratory and diagnostic test.

What equipment do ophthalmologists use?

Ophthalmoscope . The ophthalmoscope is one of the primary instruments used by the ophthalmologist. It is a hand-held device used to examine the interior of the eye. Using a light source, either included in the device or worn on a head band-by the examiner, a concave mirror reflects the light into the eye.

What is the combining form that means death?

The combining form that means death is. Definition . necr/o. Term. The combining form trich/o means .

What is the suffix for an instrument used to visually examine?

The suffix ____ means an instrument to visually examine . The suffix -algia means.

What is an incision of a bone called?

Osteotomy (oss-tee-OT-oh-mee) is the surgical cutting of a bone (oste means bone , and -otomy means a surgical incision ). This may include removing part or all of a bone , or cutting into or through a bone .

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Which technique is used to detect early osteoporosis?

To diagnose osteoporosis and assess your risk of fracture and determine your need for treatment, your doctor will most likely order a bone density scan. This exam is used to measure bone mineral density (BMD). It is most commonly performed using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry ( DXA or DEXA ) or bone densitometry .

Is both a hormone and a neurohormone that plays an important role in the fight or flight response?


What is a surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity to remove excess fluid?

Abdominocentesis is a surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity to remove fluid .

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