What is interior drainage?

What is interior drainage quizlet?

What is interior drainage ? a discontinuous pattern of intermittent streams that do not flow out of the desert to the ocean. What term describes a cone of debris at the mouth of a desert canyon? an alluvial fan.

What is meant by interior drainage in a desert region?

interior drainage . deserts lack permanent streams and are said to have interior drainage , which means that the streams are discontinuous, and only flow within the basin. they do not flow into the ocean.

What is a Playa commonly occupied by?

What is a playa commonly occupied by ? an ephemeral lake. What does saltating mean? Sand grains are lifted by the wind, leap a short distance, and then fall back to the ground. What is the natural angle of repose for sand?

What type of rocks would you expect to find in a playa lake depositional environment?

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An isolated, heavily eroded hill or mountain that rises abruptly from a plain is a(n) __________. inselberg
What type of rocks would you expect to find in a playa lake depositional environment ? evaporites and claystone

How do loess deposits differ from sand deposits?

How do loess deposits differ from sand deposits ? -Some of the loess in loess deposits has come from glacial outwash deposits , whereas sand in sand deposits does not come from glacial outwash deposits . – Sand deposits are made of larger grains than loess deposits , which are made of silt-sized grains.

Which features are produced by wind erosion?

Wind erosion abrades surfaces and makes desert pavement, ventifacts, and desert varnish. Sand dunes are common wind deposits that come in different shapes, depending on winds and sand availability. Loess is a very fine grained, wind-borne deposit that can be important to soil formation.

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Which sand dunes are long high and parallel with the prevailing wind direction?

Seif, a long , narrow sand dune or chain of dunes , generally oriented in a direction parallel to the prevailing wind or in a direction resulting from two or more winds blowing at acute angles to each other.

What is the process that results in low latitude deserts?

Wind rising over mountains cools and releases precipitation. Wind sinks on the down-wind side of the mountain warms up, and as a result , is dryer. LOW LATITUDE DESERTS (in the region of “sinking winds”). The dry air moves toward the poles and cools and sinks in regions 15-30 degrees north/south latitude .

Why is wind erosion relatively more important in dry regions than in humid areas?

Concept 16.4 Why is wind erosion relatively more important in dry regions than in humid areas ? Wind erosion is more effective in arid lands than in humid areas because in humid places moisture binds particles together, and vegetation anchors the soil. Deflation begins.

How is a Playa formed?

Playas occupy the flat central basins of desert plains . They require interior drainage to a zone where evaporation greatly exceeds inflow. When flooded, a playa lake forms where fine-grained sediment and salts concentrate. Terminology is quite confused for playas because of many local names.

What playa means?

(Entry 1 of 2) : the flat-floored bottom of an undrained desert basin that becomes at times a shallow lake. playa . noun (2)

Why are Playas so flat and level?

Why are playas so flat and level ? The surface of the playa used to be the bottom of a lake. Sediments settled at the bottom, and after the water sank into the water table, salt was left over. Wind loaded down with sand-sized particles weathers down the surface of rocks.

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How is loess related to glaciers?

Loess is mostly created by wind, but can also be formed by glaciers . When glaciers grind rocks to a fine powder, loess can form. Streams carry the powder to the end of the glacier . This sediment becomes loess .

What is the most important erosional agent in deserts?

Running water is still the most important agent of erosion in the desert as far as creating the desert landscape, but wind also plays a role, not as important as water in the long run, but you might say that wind sort of fine tunes the landscape that’s created by the running water in the first place, so we can look at

Which of the following terms are associated with the definition of mineral?

Which of the following terms are associated with the definition of mineral ? solid, inorganic, and orderly atomic arrangement.

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