How to restore interior plastic trim on car

How do you permanently restore interior black plastic trim?

The safest and easiest way to permanently restore black plastic trim is to use a trim restorer product that restores the trim’s original finish and provides protection against UV rays and other environmental factors that speed up the fading process.

What is the best product to restore black plastic trim?

Featured Product: Lithium Trim Serum. Editor’s Pick: CarGuys Plastic Restorer. Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer (G15812) Rust-Oleum Wipe New Trim Restorer. Mothers Back-to-Black Plastic and Trim Restorer (06112) Solution Finish Black Plastic and Vinyl Restorer. MEDS ReNu Pro Automotive Trim Restorer Kit (RPK4)

How do you get scratches out of car interior plastic?

The Process Step 1: Clean the area on and around the scratch with interior plastic cleaner. Step 2: Using a heat gun (at around half power), gently apply heat to the plastic until it begins to soften. Step 3: Apply a grain pad to the affected area, using very light pressure. Step 4: Let the area cool and harden.

Can faded plastic be restored?

An easy way to renew your car to like new is by restoring the exterior plastic & rubber trim. Exterior surfaces can fade, caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and the vibrant color can become grey and dull. Using a Trim Restoration product will renew the shine, color and appearance of plastic and rubber.

How do you restore dull plastic?

Use soapy water and sandpaper to restore hard plastic . For hard plastics that haven’t been painted, fill a bucket with soap and water. Then, dip 150-grit sandpaper into the soapy water and rub the surface in a circular motion. Cover every faded area 5-6 times.

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Does Vaseline restore plastic?

Using Vaseline A petroleum jelly or any ointment which uses a petroleum base can be expertly used to shine dull plastic . You will simply need to rub the jelly onto the plastic , leave it untouched for a minute or so, and then wipe it off.

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