Parti diagram interior design

What is a Parti diagram?

A parti diagram is a rough drawing, doodle, or diagram used early in the schematic design process to represent a design concept. The classic “napkin sketch”. ​Note that a design parti, is not necessarily a diagram. The word is from the French phrase parti pris, meaning to make a decision.

What is a parti in architecture?

A parti pris is an organizing thought or decision behind an architect’s design, presented in the form of a basic diagram or a simple statement. It may be shortened to ” parti “. The term comes from 15th century French, in which ” parti pris” meant “decision taken.” Later, it took on the meaning of “bias” or “prejudice”.

What is a Parti model?

PARTI MODEL Parti is defined as a basic theory for an architectural design that pivots about a central idea from which that project will be tailored. Find this Pin and more on PARTI MODELS by Shannique Palmer.

What is the meaning of Parti?

Noun. parti (plural partis ) The basic, central, or main concept, drawing, or scheme of an architectural design. (dated) Someone (especially a man) who is considered to be a good choice for marriage, because of wealth, status etc.

What is a Parti dog?

If you have a dog that has white on chest, tail, and/or tail they carry the Parti gene. They are called Mismark, Abstract, or Parti -Factored. This is not an exact science but the basic rule of thumb is: If you breed a solid color to a Parti -Factored you will have a litter that is 3/4 solid and 1/4 Parti -Factored.

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What does Parti colored mean?

having different colors in different areas or patches; variegated: a parti – colored dress.

Is Parti a Scrabble word?

PARTI is a valid scrabble word .

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