Kelly wearstler interior design

What is Kelly Wearstler style?

A multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience is at the center of Wearstler’s design approach. Through an exploration of materiality, color, forms and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic and instinctual, she curates a wealth of experiences into every space.

What did Kelly Wearstler study?

After arriving in L.A. by way of Boston and New York, where she studied graphic design and architecture, Wearstler (who grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) planned to get a job working for an interior designer. But when a friend of a friend needed a few rooms in a Venice house decorated, she took on the gig.

Is Kelly Wearstler still married?

Personal life. Wearstler and her husband , Brad Korzen, married in 2002 and now have two sons, Oliver and Elliot. Wearstler is active on social media, and in early 2014, Architectural Digest included her on a list of 15 Must-Follow Designers and Architects on Instagram.

Where did Kelly Wearstler go to college?

Массачусетс Колледж оф Арт энд Десайн

Who is the best interior designer in the world?

THE WORLD’S TOP 10 INTERIOR DESIGNERS KELLY WEARSTLER . The New Yorker dubbed her “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design,” but Kelly Wearstler is more rock star than matronly personage. PETER MARINO . VICTORIA HAGAN INTERIORS . HITCHCOX & STARCK – YOO. RICHARD MEIER & PARTNERS ARCHITECTS. MARMOL RADZINER . ALBERTO PINTO . ALAN WANZENBERG .

How old is Kelly Wearstler?

52 years (November 21, 1967)

Who is the father of interior design?

Elsie de Wolfe became the first Interior Decorator to be given a design “commission.” In 1913, Elsie de Wolfe published the first interior design book, “The House in Good Taste.” Dorothy Draper was the first documented commercial Interior Decorator, establishing her design firm in 1923.

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How do I get started as an interior designer?

Steps to Becoming an Interior Designer Earn a degree in interior design . Pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification exam. Take some pro bono projects. Build a portfolio. LOOK FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES.

What does Kelly Wearstler do?

Designer Nude model

Why is Kelly Wearstler famous?

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer and one of the very top interior designers in the world, admired for her bold designs and fantastic interior projects. She served as a judge on Bravo’s Top Design and in 2012 Rizzoli published her fourth book, Rhapsody.

Where does Kelly Wearstler live?

Beverly Hills

How tall is Kelly Wearstler?

5′ 6″

What does Kelly Wearstler eat?

I love raw nuts – especially almonds – and vegetables. I also sip on alkaline water with lemon and cayenne pepper throughout the day.

Where was Kelly Wearstler born?

Myrtle Beach, SC

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