Interior design sic code

What is SIC code 8742?

SIC code 8742 is used by Management Consulting Services, while 8748 is used by Business Consulting Services, Not Elsewhere Classified. The types of businesses using SIC code 8742 might include administrative management, HR and marketing consultants.

How do I find the SIC code?

How to find your Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) code Use the Find Company Information link on the home page. Type in your company name or registration number. Look through the list to find the 5 digit code against your type of business. Use the search facility for your type of business activity.

What is the Naics code for interior design?


What is the SIC code for IT services?

Examples of businesses

Business SIC
Computer code authors7311
Computer programming services7311
Computer programs or systems software development7311
Computer software systems analysis and design7311

What is SIC code 70229?

SIC Code 70229 : Management consultancy activities (other than financial management)

What is SIC code 7371?

Establishments primarily engaged in providing computer programming services on a contract or fee basis.

What is a 4 digit SIC code?

The Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) are four- digit codes that categorize the industries that companies belong to while organizing the industries by their business activities.

Is SIC Code important?

The simple answer is – yes. From 30 June 2016, when incorporating a company at Companies House, you must submit a SIC code , otherwise your company formation request will be rejected. The codes must be provided for all companies, even if they are not active.

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What is a SIC code and where do I find it?

Finding a specific company’s code : When you find your desired company, look in the “Industry Classification” box, and you will find the SIC and NAICS codes that are associated with the company. For more information, please contact a librarian.

What is the Naics code for architecture?


What is SIC code used for?

The Standard Industrial Classification System, or SIC , is a numerical scheme used to classify businesses according to industry type. Companies in the same industry were assigned the same number or SIC code .

What is the Naics code for it?

NAICS Code : 541519 Other Computer Related Services | NAICS Association.

What is the SIC code for software development?

SIC code 7371 is used by Computer Programming Services, while 7372 is used by Prepackaged Software . The types of businesses using SIC code 7371 might include software developers, designers or analysts.

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