High ceiling interior design

How do you decorate a room with a high ceiling?

Here are six ways to decorate a tall room and make the most of your soaring ceilings . Hang Artwork Up High . Make use of the empty space on the high parts of the wall by hanging art and other decorative items there. Take Window Treatments to the Ceiling . Use Architectural Details. Create a Feature Wall.

What is the best lighting for high ceilings?

Taller floor lamps, wall sconces , or low-hanging pendants can go in the middle. The top third should have recessed cans, strip lighting for coves, flush mount fixtures, chandeliers and/or pendants .

How do you make a high ceiling?

How to Make the Most of High Ceilings Install Upper Windows for More Natural Light. Place Wall Hangings High to Draw Attention. Use Vertical Storage Units to Take Full Advantage. Be Creative with Wall Colors and Accents. Opt for Dramatic Hanging Lights and Chandeliers. Place Mirrors Strategically to Increase Your Space.

Do high ceilings make a room look bigger?

The addition of a high ceiling can create a larger feeling on its own; however, there are several other decorating techniques that make a room feel visually bigger than its actual measurements indicate.

Are 10 foot ceilings too high?

Ceilings can go beyond the industry standard, to 10 and 12 feet high . Higher ceilings , up to 12 feet , are not uncommon, especially in renovated loft apartments and pre-war style architecture (between 1890 and 1940). A new house can also be designed with varying ceiling heights.

What is the height of a high ceiling?

What’s considered a high ceiling? Most older homes feature eight- foot ceilings, which was once considered the standard ceiling height to aim for. Newer homes, meanwhile, tend to come with nine- foot ceilings. But anything above the nine- foot mark is generally considered a high ceiling.

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How do you light a room with a cathedral ceiling?

A chandelier with an open geometric globe and decorative bulbs is a great choice for a modern room with a vaulted ceiling . Suspend it in the center of the room and add wall sconces and floor lamps for task and accent lighting .

How do you light a living room with no overhead lighting?

Four Ways to Illuminate a Room Without Overhead Lighting Plug-in Pendant Light . One easy way to fake overhead lighting is to get a plug-in pendant light that you can hang from your ceiling . Floor Lamps . Another one of our favorite ways to light a living room without overhead lighting is to use floor lamps . Natural Light . Table Lamps .

How do you hang lights on a sloped ceiling?

Recessed Lighting Recessed lights installed on a sloped ceiling use special housing cans, sometimes referred to as shovel-cut cans, that are angled to fit up to a 45-degree slope. The specialized housing allows the light to shine straight down.

What is the advantage of high ceiling?

Advantages of High Ceilings They are elegant, fascinating, and luxurious – and open up the room. In warmer climates, it’s easier to cool homes with high ceilings – making the residence more energy-efficient. No one ever feels cramped or cooped up in a room with high ceilings . They add to the resale value of a home.

Does it cost more to have high ceilings?

Higher ceilings mean higher construction costs . It also requires more materials than a standard nine-foot ceiling , including drywall, primer, and paint, which translates to more costs . For the feel of greater height at a much lower price, consider exposing the ceiling , i.e., removing it to reveal the beams above.

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Are high ceilings worth it?

It’s not hard to see why high ceilings are highly-coveted real estate assets: Being typically found in pre-war homes, they give a historic feel and evoke a sense of grandeur. Tall ceilings also make spaces look and feel bigger than they actually are—a nifty trick in otherwise small apartments.

What is the cantaloupe rule?

A good rule to live by for decor is “The Cantaloupe Rule .” That rule states that no piece of decor should be smaller than a cantaloupe , because a lot of small decor will clutter a space rather than flatter it. You’re better off going for a couple pieces of larger decor to decorate and enlarge a space.

Should you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls?

Since ceilings often appear in shadow, the resulting lighter shade color relates favorably to the wall color and creates the illusion of higher ceilings . Whether painting the ceiling the same color as the walls or a lighter tint, use the same paint sheen throughout to maintain a sense of cohesiveness.

How do you style a room with a slanted ceiling?

Light and Airy Colors You can even induce some visual brilliance by painting the rest of the room in cool white and using a single black wall as an accent addition. Slanted ceilings often create interesting angular features and slanting additions that can be highlighted using bright colors and simple stripes.

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