Hamptons interior design ideas

How do you decorate in the Hamptons?

10 easy ways to Hamptons style Pattern perfection. Add extra personality to a subtle seaside palette with patterned cushions or curtains in similar hues such as blue or grey. Well-placed windows. Crisp white walls. Oversized furniture . Classic curtains. Coastal colours. Plantation shutters. Nautical knick-knacks.

How do I decorate my Hamptons on a budget?

If you’re on a budget and in love with Hamptons style decorating here are some clever ways to get the most bang for your decorating bucks. Start with your paint colour. The right rug. Trick the eye with mirrors. Add a colour accent. Add warmth with task lighting. Think like an interior designer.

What Colours are Hampton style?

What colours are typical to Hamptons style? Whites , neutrals, yellow and green are all common colours to Hamptons style interiors. Lydia suggests pairing warm neutral colours with coastal blues , or layering various shades of blue , from navy through to baby blue .

How do you style a Hamptons bedroom?

“ Hamptons interior design is about bright, natural light, and letting the outdoors pour in, so you could keep your bedroom windows bare, but if you prefer a bit more light blocking for those sunny mornings, opt for soft flowing curtains or plantation shutters in a light colour that feels airy.”

What is the difference between Hamptons and coastal style?

Coastal styles have more space to play around with bright feature pillows, artworks, throws and accessories, whilst Hamptons styles work best with deep blue brocade, paisley or geometric prints.

What do you wear in the Hamptons?

Summer suiting, maxi dresses, and layered necklaces are all tried and tested styles that the Hamptons crowd loves to reinvent year after year. Think a little boho, a little preppy (a solid polo shirt will never be wrong), but without settling too far in either corner.

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What is Hamptons style furniture?

“ Hamptons – style furniture tends to be relaxed and beachy,” says Elaine. “Think plush sofas covered in soft natural fabrics, such as linens, and softly-skirted sofas with some coordinating oversized accent chairs in soft blues and beiges.

What Colour carpet for Hamptons look?

Light colours are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a Hamptons vibe in your home. On the other hand, darker tones play into the whole Hamptons feel, and bring a strikingly sophisticated appeal to this upmarket trend.

What makes a Hamptons home?

The Hamptons look is classic, breezy and spacious, with large windows and French doors letting in abundant natural light. Extensive verandahs create the easy indoor-outdoor flow for gracious holiday entertaining that the original Hamptons beach houses were known for.

What is coastal Hampton style?

Unlike Hamptons , coastal is more of a feeling than just a style inspired by place. Coastal style means a simple colour palette working with sand and sea hues, natural textures like shell, rope and rattan, and the raw, un-finished charm of reclaimed timber. A little nautical-navy blue, a little white-washed wood…

What does a Hampton house look like?

Hampton Style is a classic look with a relaxed feel The foundation of Hampton style refers to homes built by the rich and famous in a group of townships on long island, New York. The Hampton’s style is defined by cool, classic and sophisticated designs that meet rustic, casual beach vibes.

What is a Hampton style kitchen?

Hamptons – style is coastal and casual, yet elegant and refined. Originally, it took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, but has come to represent relaxed coastal living, natural materials, classic shapes and lots of natural light.

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How do you style a bed?

Layer Up. Regardless of the time of year, adding layers is key to having a styled bed that looks inviting and comfortable. Opt for neutrals and cozy textures, or play with patterns and colors to create some depth and contrast. Place a light cotton coverlet or quilt on top of the sheets followed by your duvet.

How do you decorate a coastal bedroom?

Muted colors and light fabrics are perfect in coastal style rooms . If you have dark furniture, consider using a lighter neutral color on the wall to warm up the space. Consider using a painting as a focal point in your bedroom and pull your colors from it for a theme, carrying it out throughout the room.

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